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New "Healthcare Accounting File Cabinet"

LJB CPA Inc. introduces the "Healthcare Accounting File Cabinet". A compliant, convenient and cost-effective way to exchange documents with us and to share them with co-workers.

Your Accounting file cabinet is the place where you can securely access your Cost Reports, Financials, Tax returns, LJB invoices, and other documents we generate for you. It is also the place to go to upload the files and forms that we need to work on your behalf (e.g: QuickBook files, .pdf checklists etc.).

Secured via SSL encryption, your file cabinet provides compliance with current and forthcoming State and Federal confidentiality standards that mail, email, HDD's, CD's or thumb drives cannot achieve.

Email is inherently unsecure because it travels via numerous unknown and often unprotected routers and servers before it reaches its destination. It can be stored by those servers and may remain for months in the drives of an ISP. Furthermore, email is usually sent unencrypted (when it is encrypted, the headers and name of the message is not). Finally, email is vulnerable in the email client of the senders and recipients itself.

Postal mail is slow, expensive and merely protected by laws that can deter fraud but cannot prevent it.

In order to create and access your file cabinet, simply call us to obtain your account number, complete our registration form and login. We will then proceed to load your documents (past and current) into your cabinet. Ask the employees or colleagues who will share financial information with you to register under their own name and then request from you the right to access YOUR file cabinet. Note that having multiple file cabinets mean that different documents may be stored in different locations. Think of your electronic file cabinet as a physical cabinet. Everybody has one in his or her office to store the records for which he or she is responsible.

Your file cabinet is automatically backed-up and accessible 24/7 from anywhere on the web.